The LIFT3 eFoil

The Lift3 boards feature an updated shape for increased and maneuverability and ease of use. Combined with the upgraded construction, the new sizes reduce weight and increase toughness making the Lift3 boards the lightest and strongest eFoil options on the market.


5’4 Cruiser eFoil

At 5’4”, this board is still quite short, but offers all the stability that any rider will need. 

When up in the air, it carves a beautiful turn that locks in with confidence.  If you’re new to watersports and you want to share the eFoil experience with friends and family, this is a great option that will offer absolute success. 

The 200 Surf V2 / 48 Surf V2 is the recommended combination, offering a wide variety of ride experiences to any rider. 

efoil Phuket 05

We continue to offer our eFoil battery rental service year-round.

We look forward to seeing you in Phuket from 1st of December to mid-March 2024.