Thailand, Phuket: Why eFoiling is the New Surfing

Phuket, a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, has recently welcomed a thrilling innovation – eFoiling. 

eFoiling combines the exhilaration of surfing with the advancements of electric hydrofoil technology. Unlike traditional surfing, which depends heavily on wave conditions, eFoiling allows you to glide over calm seas, making it a versatile option for Phuket’s varied waters.

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For beginners, eFoiling lessons present a more accessible entry point. The stability of the hydrofoil, coupled with the electric motor, makes it easier to get up and ride, unlike traditional surfing that requires mastering wave timing and balance from the get-go.

lift foil4 phuket

When renting the most advanced carbon eFoil Lift 4 by Liftfoils, worth 15,000 EUR, our clients experience cutting-edge technology. We will also capture memories with complimentary photos.

90 minutes lesson (30 minutes on the beach, 60 minutes riding)
3500 THB Nai Thon Beach 
3999 THB Layan Beach, Bang Tao Beach
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We continue to offer our eFoil battery rental service year-round.

We look forward to seeing you in Phuket from 1st of December to mid-March 2024.