Travel tips and activities for Phuket, Thailand

What Our Customers Say

Fabio Santini
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Dear Petr, thanks again for the great experience! We appreciated very much your guidance and...patience!! The organization Is absolutely perfect; we could not suggest any improvement to that! Many thanks again! Best, Fabio & Laura
Carl Pohlschmidt
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A great experience at a wonderful place. Petr is a patient teacher and within short time we were able to ride the Board. Amazing. You must try!
Thapana Jarutummasiri
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Love the way you guys teach us. First beach lesson is very helpful when combine with helmet radio I would say Superb! Peter can give very accurate comment if you do something wrong, so you can adjust immediately no need to find out by yourself, and he cheer up when you do it right. ...
michal barkoci
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What a fun was that. We haven't expected that experience. As a board sports lover have to admit an excitement. Petr and Jana were incredible instructors, calm, patient and very professional. After the training you basically know what to do …
Tomoko Mian
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Petr and Jana are awesome! My husband and 2 of our boys, ages 12 and 10 tried it and they loved it. I, who is not a big ocean person, even tried it and enjoyed it. Petr talks you through each step through the walkie talkie that’s on your …
Renat Akimbitov
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Fantastic service by Petr and Jana. Great liftfoil board, all my friends and i were able to stand on the water in 5 minutes and i was able to fly confidently after practicing for about 2-3 hours. Petr was always on time, gave useful tips …
Terry Neale
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Wow! What a great experience! You couldn't ask for a more encouraging and helpful couple than Peter and Jana. The instruction is given calmly and accurately so you know exactly what you need to do as you progress from lying flat, to getting …
Michael Arbinger
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I did the flying surfboard (efoil) yesterday for a sunset session. Actually it was the highlight of my sport events (did Thai Boxing, Wakeboarding, SUP and indoor flow surfing), it was just so much fun and so different to everything I have …
Anton Romanov
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Perfect fun for board-addicted people! If you want to try some new performance from the future - it is a great chance. I was really surprised of speed and battery capasity. And I also did not expected foots and videos of the lesson - it was …
Christian Sebold
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The efoil experience on Phuket was excellent. Petr and Jana did a great Job. After a good Instruktion I was able to surf with the efoil. …
Adam Šindelka
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Best activity on Phuket. Jana and Petr are super nice people. Petr is great teacher so you will learn how to fly in no time!! …
Maik Slijpen
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It was 1.5 hr of the best watersport activity I have experienced. EFoil and communication equipment is in top shape. The explanation is to the point and clear which makes riding the eFoil comfortable from the beginning. It’s 1.5 hr of fun …
Eyal Golan
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An amazing experience Very good instructions and explanations I’m planning on coming back on my first chance …
Paul Galland
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Fantastic sessions with Peter and Jana. We were flying on the foil in no time !! …

We continue to offer our eFoil battery rental service year-round.

We look forward to seeing you in Phuket from 1st of December to mid-March 2024.